She loved him for the man he was.
He loved her for the woman she wasn’t.


His Job was to write the news. Tricky, when you are the news.

It’s the scoop of a lifetime, and could save his career … if they don’t kill him first.
Portsmouth. England. The 90s. Meet Llew Sabler, a ferociously ambitious newspaper reporter who’ll stop at nothing to reach the top.
‘You’re meant to write the news, not be the news,’ blasts his long-suffering editor, after Llew’s latest madcap stunt sparks public outrage.
There’s only one thing Llew lusts after more than success: his fellow reporter and friend, the bewitchingly violent Thirza Kirby.
When his oldest pal – serial virgin Emdel Black – steals Thirza’s heart, lovesick Llew loses his mind, and takes fake news to disgraceful new levels.
He’s collared by the cops, becomes a hate figure and is left facing a jail term.
At his lowest ebb, Llew unearths a shocking and dangerous story. But it’s far more than just a story. It’s a death or glory shot at redemption.
Hack is a fast paced black comedy, bristling with memorable male and female characters, and crackling with dark British wit.
Buy it, for a white-knuckle crime-comedy ride into the dark underbelly of the local press of old.

SGM Ashcroft

About me
I am a journalist by trade, and Hack is my debut novel (not counting the two moulding in my cellar some place).
I have been in journalism since 1986. I began on local papers, in Southampton and Portsmouth, and worked as a freelance sub-editor on the nationals (Sun, Today, News of the World).
I was also a ‘reporter’ on, ahem, the Sunday Sport for two years, where I ‘interviewed’ no fewer than 17 aliens.
After a spell working on the China Daily in Beijing (92-93), I spent seven years as a tech journalist on newsstand computer magazines.
I have been freelance since 2005, and specialise in helping businesses tell their best stories to their customers. 

With ex-Lib Dem leader, Paddy Ashdown, 1988.
With ex-Labour leader, Neil Kinnock, 1989.
At a press conference, Portsmouth 1990.
At my trusty typewriter, Portsmouth, 1992.